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Keep tenants happy in your property for longer with a great letting agent

Keep Tenants Happy platinum estates letting agent London

Home security is one of the most important things to both homeowners and property rental tenants. For tenants, having an agent that reacts quickly to queries and property issues is an important factor. If there is a leak from a sink, a broken boiler or an electrical problem, a tenant will quickly become frustrated. That’s…

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Why Use a Letting Agent?

Sometimes you may find yourself with a property that you don’t know what to do with. Perhaps you’ve inherited it and you’re wondering whether to sell it now, or to rent it out for a steady income… The latter may sound preferable, but there’s one problem, you’ve had no experience with this sort of thing…

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Life of a Landlord

Let’s be honest, being a landlord can be tricky. A lot can go wrong, and when it does it’s usually expensive, easily avoided, and now it’s out of your control. As a lettings agent, we’ve seen it all before. We hear about - and have spoken to - so many landlords that eventually decided that…

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Late Rent

“My tenant’s rent is late!” A fairly common cry that many private landlords have said at one time or another. Unfortunately, dealing with late rent is one of the most common problems faced by landlords, and sooner or later, it’s something that you’ll most likely have to deal with if you haven’t done so already.…

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