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Life of a Landlord

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Let’s be honest, being a landlord can be tricky. A lot can go wrong, and when it does it’s usually expensive, easily avoided, and now it’s out of your control.

As a lettings agent, we’ve seen it all before. We hear about – and have spoken to – so many landlords that eventually decided that it wasn’t worth the hassle after letting out just one property. This is usually due to the expectation that being a landlord is simply a case of sitting back and letting the rent flow in. With Platinum that’s exactly what you can do. We handle the tenants and any problems that may arise, and your rent is guaranteed!

At Platinum, your problems are ours, as we’re out, about, and hitting the road, to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible. What are we? We’re your hassle free lettings agent!

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