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Why Use a Letting Agent?

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Sometimes you may find yourself with a property that you don’t know what to do with. Perhaps you’ve inherited it and you’re wondering whether to sell it now, or to rent it out for a steady income… The latter may sound preferable, but there’s one problem, you’ve had no experience with this sort of thing before…

The reality is that the life of a private landlord isn’t as simple as relaxing as the rent comes in. There’s a lot of red tape and legal hoops that need to be jumped through which could make being a landlord more hassle than it’s worth. So that’s where we come in:

A letting agent will make sure that everything is taken care of: From acquiring an EPC and gas safety certificate, vetting potential tenants and securing their deposits, to dealing with them and guaranteeing that you as a landlord will always receive the rent that is owed to you, as well as dealing with any maintenance issues that arrive.

Working with a letting agent allows the new landlord to achieve that goal of sitting back as the rent comes in. Even if you wanted to be more hands-on, we can help you with the practical tips and knowledge that will set you on the right path for the future.

And yes, Platinum Estates are your hassle-free letting agent!

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